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Children and Computers

We provide computer support and training to small business and individuals around Dorset.  We offer practical advice, good value and prompt service.

As a parent you understand the importance of providing the right type of PC for your child. However, you also understand that some children may not be as careful with their equipment as we would like them to be. We provide a tailor-made service for you and your child, from providing a second-hand, cheap PC on which your child can practise, to custom building a new PC for your more experienced child, which will provide all the software they need to complete their school and college work and provide enough memory for them to play the latest games.

We also know that children are not as careful about viruses and trojans as we would like them to be – they find something they wish to download and do so without thinking about the consequences. We can sort out any existing virus problems and offer advice about installing and updating suitable virus software. We can also recover files, photographs and games that may have been affected by the virus.