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We provide computer support and training to small business and individuals around Dorset.  We offer practical advice, good value and prompt service.

There are many reasons why you might wish to have a website. This may be for business purposes to advertise and/or sell goods or services, to disseminate information about a hobby or interest that you may have, or to create a website for your family to share information and photographs. Unfortunately, however, many people are deterred from creating a website because they think that it is too complicated, too time-consuming or too costly.

Yet this is not the case. We are able to offer a unique service for new website users that will produce a clear and informative website quickly and efficiently, at a very reasonable price. We design websites that can be read by all web users, including those who do not have broadband, and we make sure that our sites are easy to navigate and can be used by people who have less experience of the internet. We can also help you find web hosting options that fit your needs and your budget.

Once we have designed your website, or if you have an existing site, we can show you how to optimise its efficiency and reach a greater number of customers, even enabling your site to take orders while you sleep.

With your new website and domain name you will have a new set of email addresses. We can show you how to use these to share information with your customers and maintain your company identity.

Website services we can offer include: